Week of 4/7

I finally got a break from working on the website and was assigned the task of creating a new logo for the Sustainable Landscape program for the parks. This program essentially gives people the opportunity to purchase an amount of something to put towards the maintenance of various areas of the parks (such as trees, more plants/flowers, etc), and in return the purchaser will receive a plaque with their name on it that would be displayed in the park office. After given the information about what this program was about, my supervisor asked me to create a logo. This is my absolute favorite part about graphic design, being able to use your own creativity to create something you have never seen before. I feel as though being a graphic designer you definitely have to have a good imagination. Below is my logo I created for this program. Although this program is still being approved, I hope in the future they will be able to utilize what I have created and I will perhaps one day be able to see it printed. 🙂




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