Week of 3/31

Want to know what a satisfying feeling to me is? Being able to put my knowledge and skill to use in the work place and to know it’s benefitting the company! There’s a million ways a person brings forth something good in the work that they do for a company whether or not they realize it or not. I especially love when I am given the task of creating a flyer, banner, booklet etc. because many times it’s something that is physically printed or that will be seen in public. In my case, the website that I have been working on by restructuring the whole layout of the site has finally gone live! Everything I’ve been working on for the website is published and on the live government website. Users who search for Waukesha County Parks will see the new website which I had everything to do with in terms of making it more user friendly and easier to navigate around. The task itself was not all that difficult, but definitely time consuming. As a limitation to many things time always seems to be the barrier.


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