Week of 3/3

You want to know what a great feeling to me is. That is to be able to share my knowledge with others. I find it so honoring to be able to have other employees be directed to me because they don’t know how to work or maneuver around in a Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator file. And you know what makes me sort of giggle at the situation? Is the fact that I’m only an INTERN! Aside from that, I really do enjoy helping others when they are lost or confused. I spent time working with an employee from the recycling department who was trying to create an AD that would be placed into the 2014 School Education Guide. After numerous attempts at trying to figure out why she couldn’t do what she was trying to do, she finally contacted me. The solution to her problem was actually quite simple to figure out, and that was to try searching on Google. Who doesn’t love Google? You can essentially find anything you could possibly want to know on this search engine. She kept running into a problem of editing an already existing AD but the text she wanted to edit was all highlighted in pink. An example of what I am trying to explain is posted below:


To me, as a designer this was a no brainer that she most likely doesn’t have the needed font installed on her computer. But since I was explaining this to someone who thinks InDesign is a second language, I sent her these links:



I also gave her step by step directions on how to properly install a downloadable font to her computer. After a little sha’bing sha’bang, her project was complete! It’s not a huge deal if someone comes to me for help once in a while, but I always mention to people to try using their resources first. Google really is amazing. 🙂 In conclusion I believe, you learn something new every day and you teach or communicate something new to a person every day.


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