Week of 3/17

Had today not been St. Patrick’s Day I might have experienced a little expectancy violation going on when I sat down at my desk this morning. I can’t really say I was violated but seeing one of the park foremen with an orange beard definitely was out of the ordinary. A little giggle here and there never hurt to start off a Monday morning right? Anyways, today was a day where I was assigned to creating two ADs that will be placed in the “Fun in Wisconsin” magazine. My supervisor sent me the dimensions and gave me a general idea of what she wanted it to communicate. From there it was my job to turn her ideas into something visual and appealing. I enjoy all design projects handed my way because I am able to throw my creativity into it. As the day went on another side project so to speak was handed off my way. My supervisor wanted me to research into QR codes and if there is a way to track the usage of them. I personally do not possess a lot of knowledge of QR codes except for knowing the fact that you scan it in with your smartphone and it directs you to a website, image or something on the web. And back to what I’ve stated before, I turn to my best friend, Google 🙂  I will be continuing on this research next Monday when I return, but so far I found that Google Analytics is a source you can use to track the traffic of your QR Code. I am eager to learn more about this process of QR code tracking because I feel that analytics is starting to become very popular in the business world.


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