Week of 3/10

I spent my day digging into the world of social media. The Waukesha County Parks system is slowly but surely making its way into the Twitter world. Before I was hired as a Promotions Intern I found it rather odd that they did not already have a Twitter or Instagram account, seeing that they could promote a lot of their activities/events and other happenings at the parks this quick, fast and easy way. I was notified by my supervisor that they signed up for the Twitter account and it is active, but what my task was for the day was to create a “Social media calendar”. This calendar would have different columns for the different social media platforms they use. As you see in the image below there’s a column for the Gold and Retzer Nature Center Facebook pages, along with the general Parks Twitter account.

social media cal

Another social media platform that they would like to get into after Twitter starts rolling along is YouTube. The goal of this social media calendar is to come up with something that can essentially be handed over to whomever who will take on the social media role and look at what things they can post that relate to what’s going on at any of these places. I was told to get creative, research bizarre holidays that are out there and find if there’s a way to tie it into some activities at the park, golf courses or Retzer Nature Center. My supervisor mentioned to me that it’s not so much of the fact that we are trying to encourage people to come to Waukesha County Parks over Milwaukee County Parks (Although she winked at me and said that wouldn’t hurt) BUT the main purpose is to inform the public and let them come to this media platforms as means for reference. I had an enjoyable time coming up with this calendar because I was able to discover some really out there holidays that exist in this world. Can you believe there’s a holiday called “Take your pants for a walk day”? That’s crazy right?! I took a peek at this link below with 26 tips on how to create strong social media content, and one of the tips is to “Question readers for more engagement”. I definitely tried tying that into each post I created because that will get followers to interact with the Twitter account, strengthening the presence of Waukesha County Parks.


Anyways, I hope that this calendar comes in handy for them in the future and will assist in the information reference purpose.


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