Today’s objective was to continue working on the Park’s Website updates. The Parks department is totally redoing the whole layout of their site and it’s my job to do all of the restructuring. It’s been a long and exciting adventure but with any adventure there’s always bound to be some difficulties and errors right? As I have been working on this whole project, a huge fork in the road I’ve ran into was when the IT department at Waukesha County changed their entire web content manager! For those who may be unfamiliar with such “tech” terminology, try imagining Cardinal Stritch switching Angel to something completely different. The switch would have been sudden and unannounced, leaving many staff and faculty members agitated and very confused. This is exactly what happened to me when I returned for my second term internship with the County. What’s even more comical is that the IT department is still trying to learn this new content management system as well. So basically no one knows how to work the thing! As we all learn and progress through this change, the IT department has been sending out “cheat sheets” for editing content, but that does absolutely nothing for me because it’s all such basic information such as changing text to bold or italic.

Let me just give a little background as to what exactly I am doing with the whole restructuring project. Here’s a screen shot of what the current live parks website page looks like for Naga-Waukee Park:


And here’s what I am doing to restructure it:


All in all, what my job is to do is to make it more user friendly and something “prettier” for lack of a better term. This layout is what I am doing to all 8 parks along with the Expo Center and Nature Center. Prior to my return to my internship this year the content management system was very user friendly and easy to maneuver around. The new system is not user friendly at all, it’s even difficult to make text larger or change the color. Since there is no easy way for me to do this, and by the end of my internship in May, I am expected to have all the new pages switched over to being live, I am stuck with nothing but my current HTML coding skills along with ability to do outside research in finding out how to use this new system to help me get everything done!

What is very time consuming about this new system is that it makes it almost impossible to link an image to a new webpage. (Example: When someone would click on the Fish symbol – it would direct them to the main fishing page) That is something that could have easily been done within a couple seconds on the old system. Here’s a look at the coding I mess with to allow me to make an image link to open up a new page:


(The highlighted section is the code I had to develop to help me link the fishing symbol to the fishing page) OKAY – Tell me that HTML coding does not look like a foreign language?! It pretty much is. For instance, what in the world does “href” stand for? I see that the characters following it is a link, therefore it must be the linking web page.

I have spent portions of my work day referencing these guides and links below to help me craft each code used. Had I not used these as a guide I would be completely lost. For those trying to tackle some of the same challenges as I, working in a new content management system through code, reference these links below.


Also, I have referenced the Ektron CMS400 User Manual to help me with creating different tables that allow me to have various sections on the page where it keeps the page looking clean and appealing:



Week of 2/24


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