Week of 4/28

It is hard to believe that my internship is coming to an end. Almost being here a year still blows my mind, but I enjoyed every moment of it. I have done many things for the parks department all of which I am very proud of. There is one major thing I have to make sure I communicate and leave behind for the next intern who may take over my spot, and that is writing clear directions for how to do the things I did when editing the website content. I feel as though they should just hire me because I know how to do exactly everything already and to try and explain it to someone else may be frustrating and very time consuming. But never the less, it is essential for me to leave behind my secrets and tips for the next person. 😉 Giving step by step directions is what I have been putting together in a word document and saving to the server. Word directions are great, but what I have also been doing is taking screen shots because many of us are visual learners, including myself. If I had more time I would have done a video tutorial which would make learning the job a whole lot easier. But if the next intern is as motivated and determined as I am, I know that they will be able to learn everything with no problem. 🙂


Week of 4/21

I found an interesting article I enjoyed reading called, “Why you should care about having friends at work”. This may seem something right off the bat to many but I found it interesting that women are more vulnerable than men to experience job related stress. The article also talks about how you are very likely to meet one of your best friends at your work place. I love working with the people at my internship, especially my supervisor and another gal I met from the recycling department. I see my supervisor as a friend rather than a boss. I still respect her with the respect she deserves being a boss but we are able to communicate and relate on a personable level. I think if bosses do this with their employees, the work environment would be so much better and it definitely would make everyone enjoy coming to work.


Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/08/work-relationships_n_3561568.html


Week of 4/14

Throughout my terms working with the county as an intern, I’ve come to learn that Communication is absolutely vital in the workplace. Not only will it make your job a whole lot easier, but it will also help everyone else’s job go a lot smoother as well. At my internship I do see examples of good communication as well as bad. I found a wonderful article with 20 tips on way to communicate effectively in the workplace. If some workers utilized some of these tips, I think many day to day tasks would get done a lot faster. One thing I love about the communication at my internship is that we schedule many one on one meetings. E-mail in the workplace is good, because often times everyone’s schedule is so busy, but being able to sit down in front of a person is a whole lot easier for everyone.


Article: http://smallbiztrends.com/2013/11/ways-to-communicate-effectively-in-the-workplace.html


Week of 4/7

I finally got a break from working on the website and was assigned the task of creating a new logo for the Sustainable Landscape program for the parks. This program essentially gives people the opportunity to purchase an amount of something to put towards the maintenance of various areas of the parks (such as trees, more plants/flowers, etc), and in return the purchaser will receive a plaque with their name on it that would be displayed in the park office. After given the information about what this program was about, my supervisor asked me to create a logo. This is my absolute favorite part about graphic design, being able to use your own creativity to create something you have never seen before. I feel as though being a graphic designer you definitely have to have a good imagination. Below is my logo I created for this program. Although this program is still being approved, I hope in the future they will be able to utilize what I have created and I will perhaps one day be able to see it printed. 🙂




Week of 3/31

Want to know what a satisfying feeling to me is? Being able to put my knowledge and skill to use in the work place and to know it’s benefitting the company! There’s a million ways a person brings forth something good in the work that they do for a company whether or not they realize it or not. I especially love when I am given the task of creating a flyer, banner, booklet etc. because many times it’s something that is physically printed or that will be seen in public. In my case, the website that I have been working on by restructuring the whole layout of the site has finally gone live! Everything I’ve been working on for the website is published and on the live government website. Users who search for Waukesha County Parks will see the new website which I had everything to do with in terms of making it more user friendly and easier to navigate around. The task itself was not all that difficult, but definitely time consuming. As a limitation to many things time always seems to be the barrier.


Week of 3/24

An important note to self I need to always keep with me is that you can do anything, but not everything. This, also a phrase of wisdom that I learned in Communication Theory that we simply cannot get to everything we want. At my internship, I’ve come to learn exactly this. Sometimes we feel like we’re the only person bombarded with millions of projects, tasks and things to do when really, we all are! That is why it’s so vital for a person to learn how to prioritize and use their time wisely. I am a very structured worker meaning that I like to know what I have to do and I want to get it done. Sometimes when I can’t get a project finished by the end of the day, I almost have an unsatisfying feeling inside of me because it is not finished. The way I see it is that this trait about my work ethic can either help to break me. Yes, I can be motivated in the sense that I want to get things done, but on the other hand it may not be good because then nothing else will get done. A person may be able to multi task and get everything done at once, but often times that may result in lack of quality in the work. What I really have to remind myself of is that, we’re only human and we can only do so much. I need to remind myself that as long as you’re working hard at what you’re doing and even if things aren’t getting done right away, chances are that it’s better that way.


Article: http://timemanagementninja.com/2014/01/5-ways-to-avoid-doing-everything-at-once/


Week of 3/17

Had today not been St. Patrick’s Day I might have experienced a little expectancy violation going on when I sat down at my desk this morning. I can’t really say I was violated but seeing one of the park foremen with an orange beard definitely was out of the ordinary. A little giggle here and there never hurt to start off a Monday morning right? Anyways, today was a day where I was assigned to creating two ADs that will be placed in the “Fun in Wisconsin” magazine. My supervisor sent me the dimensions and gave me a general idea of what she wanted it to communicate. From there it was my job to turn her ideas into something visual and appealing. I enjoy all design projects handed my way because I am able to throw my creativity into it. As the day went on another side project so to speak was handed off my way. My supervisor wanted me to research into QR codes and if there is a way to track the usage of them. I personally do not possess a lot of knowledge of QR codes except for knowing the fact that you scan it in with your smartphone and it directs you to a website, image or something on the web. And back to what I’ve stated before, I turn to my best friend, Google 🙂  I will be continuing on this research next Monday when I return, but so far I found that Google Analytics is a source you can use to track the traffic of your QR Code. I am eager to learn more about this process of QR code tracking because I feel that analytics is starting to become very popular in the business world.